Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5. APOLLO 11 - 40 YEARS A MEMORY: Art Show Presentation & Reception a Success

Taking a Closer Look, by Bob Bickers, 18 x 24, oil on gessoboard, 2009
Last night's presentation and reception at my art show was a complete success with a packed gallery of people who were willing to listen to me talk for an hour and then stayed for the next hour viewing the photographs and paintings and sharing their experiences of the first moon landing. Many fascinating stories were exchanged. It was truly a wonderful and special night with friends and many interesting people I wish I could know better.

It became even more amazing when I was contacted yesterday afternoon by Alan Boyle, MSNBC's science editor and host of MSNBC's Cosmic Log. Apparently, my short story of my experience in 1969 and the photo of my family placed me in front of 1400 other entries, winning me a prize and putting that family photo on the front page of MSNBC.com and in the Cosmic Log. This was an unexpected surprise and I am truly honored, not only by Mr. Boyle, but also by each and every one of you who appeared last night, visited my art show or gave a hand of support in all my efforts over the years. To all of you I want to say "Thank You." For those who couldn't attend, the exhibition will continue through July 27th at The Gallery Space. I plan to post a summary of my comments on my blog and website soon and at the show's conclusion, I will post all the paintings and photographs as well. Please check the blog for August 10, 2009. Above Image: Taking a Closer Look, 18 x 24, oil/gessoboard. Click on painting to enlarge.


  1. Congratulations on a wonderful talk at Gallery Space. Also, what a thrill to see your photograph on MSNBC! Thanks for sharing your work and your experience with us - your enthusiasm is infectious and your talent amazing.

    Sally Wightkin
    Gallery Space

  2. Kudos for the impressive Apollo 11 art show. It was exciting to see the photo of your family huddled around the television set on that historic night via a national website. Good luck on future projects.

    Cathy Bickers

  3. Dear Bob, I was surfing the internet and beginning to think I was the only person on Earth besides Alan Bean with a passion for painting the Apollo Space missions, and then I discovered with great excitement your wonderful blog and paintings, Excellent work! We are very similar in our passion for spaceflight born of the Apollo era. I love the picture of you by the TV. My father was doing exactly the same thing and we still have the pictures somewhere with "Live from the moon' on the screen. I must say The idea of including you in the photographs was brilliant. I wish my Father had done the same.
    All the best to you, and hopefully it wont be too long now until we return to that 'Magnificent desolation'. - Eric