Thursday, January 21, 2010

26. Flamingo Brad and Friends

For those of you who live in the Memphis, Tennessee area and Northeastern Shelby County, I'd like to announce the beginning of my son's new enterprise, Flamingo Brad and Friends, a lawn greeting business. Brad started a landscaping and lawn care business last summer, and he plans to continue that business this year as well. But in addition, Flamingo Brad and Friends provides people a delightful way to surprise and entertain someone with a special greeting a bold visual statement. Flamingo Brad's logo and website were created by yours truly. Click the logo and check out Brad's website for more information.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

25. A Cold Wind - (photograph)

A Cold Wind, by Bob Bickers, digital photograph
This image is another example of using various devices to achieve a desired effect. In other words, "whatever works." I took this picture (one of my favorite barns in Murrysville, PA) with a Polaroid camera one cold winter day. A combination of short exposure and slow development in low temperatures created a very coarse image with a bluish overcast, perfectly capturing the bitter cold I was after (and was experiencing!). Click on the image to enlarge. If you have seen my main website (at you might have noticed a new design change. I am trying to modernize my websites to make them more readable and easier to navigate. Expect additional changes in the weeks to come.

Friday, January 1, 2010

24. Winter's Breath - (photograph)

I decided to start off the new year with Winter's Breath, one of my favorite images. It was taken a few years ago with a Polaroid camera on a sunny but cold and brisk day. I hoped that the cool colors of the cloud and sky would convey the cold wind I felt on my face. Sometimes, my best images aren't necessarily created with my best equipment. Anyone with a good eye for composition and color can capture an image in such a way to transform a snapshot into fine art. Click on the image to enlarge.