Monday, February 15, 2010

27. Snow Vanes I and II (photographs)

It has been snowing here in western Pennsylvania. It's been snowing a lot. Step into my front yard and the snow will come up past your knee and half way up your thigh. I drive out of my garage along the bottom of an ice canyon until I burst upon the street, hoping that a person or an animal isn't lurking behind these white wall corners. Actually, I would find getting about quite an exciting adventure but for the other drivers out on the road who tend to tailgate and have no appreciation how slick snow can really be, as evidenced by the great pile-ups we keep seeing over and over again.

This time of year is also one of great beauty and I am loading up on plenty of digital images of the sights of the season. The sun has an especially appealing way of interacting with snow and ice to create unexpected wonders. After our epic snowfall, I noticed thin vanes  of snow clung to the branches for days --something that I rarely see. I'll be posting more photos and snow-inspired paintings in the days and weeks to come. Click on the images to enlarge.