Saturday, June 12, 2010

30. Bear Hollow Park, Murrysville, PA

Bear Hollow Park Wetlands, by Bob Bickers, photograph, 2010
Bear Hollow Reflections, by Bob Bickers, photograph, 2010
The East Suburban Artists League has been sponsoring an informal event at various local parks the last two months in which members are encouraged to photograph or paint plein-aire paintings, which will be exhibited later this year.  So far, I have been unable to participate in this event due other obligations, but I have been able to sneak over to Bear Hollow Park to take a series of photographs.  My hope is to create some art from these images, but some of them I think I will let stand on their own.  These two photos are examples of photography that  would be hard to improve. The top one is Bear Hollow Park Wetlands and the bottom one I call Bear Hollow Reflections. I will keep trying  to get to the park with my paintbrush in hand and eventually, I will have some paintings to include in this series. Click on images to enlarge.