Tuesday, May 17, 2011

49. Bethany Blair Bickers Receives (Another) College Degree

Bob and Beth Bickers
I am proud to announce that my oldest daughter, Beth (posing with me at left), received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Memphis on May 8, 2011.  Her major was Criminal Justice and at this time she is seeking a job in that field.  Beth had already earned an Associate Degree in Graphic Arts in 2007.

I know that Beth has worked very hard to get this far and I wish her a very rewarding (and safe) career in law enforcement.  She is only the third generation from my side of the family to be college-educated, and I hope that is a chain that will continue into the future.  Beth is a fine young woman with a bright future and exciting times ahead of her.

Speaking of bright, Beth's younger brother, Brad, just completed his first year of college on the Dean's List.  That's the sort of thing that makes me proud.  Keep up the good work, Brad.


  1. Wonderful post with great news!

  2. I have known Beth and Brad for many years and they are super young adults! You should really be proud of them!