Thursday, December 31, 2015

79. 2015 Murrysville Photo Contest

I again submitted three of my photographs to the Murrysville Photo Contest, but this year I decided to submit one photo each in three different categories instead of just sending in three landscapes.  The first image was one of my favorite landscapes taken in January, 2015 that showed my wife, Diane, approaching a snow-covered bridge in Duff Park, Murrysville, PA.  
Winter Sojourn (2015)
Bridge Over Still Waters (2014)

You might remember that this is the same bridge (taken in Autumn) that won Honorable Mention last year in this contest.

The second photo submitted this year fell under the category of Plant Life and it shows three flower pods that were in a neighbor's yard in August, 2015.
Three Pods (2015)

Finally, I chose to enter a photograph in the People category taken during Murrysville's Halloween Parade on October 31, 2015 while the Franklin Regional Band marched by waiving butterfly wing banners overhead.
Wings Over the Band (2015)

I will know in a few months whether any of these were good enough to place among the 2015 winners.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

78. Pennsylvania Sky and Pennsylvania Snow

Pennsylvania Sky; oil on board; 11 x 14
Pennsylvania Snow; oil on board; 11 x 14

Two of my more recent works that will be on display at the East Suburban Artists League (ESAL) Show at Penn State New Kensington during December, 2015. More on the show can be found at:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

77. Photo Included in Article in the Murrysville Trail News

Murrysville Farmer  |  Bob Bickers  |  2014
I was asked to write a short article about one of my photographs that was entered in the 2014 Murrysville Photo Contest for the October 2015 issue of the Murrysville Trail News.  This is the article that was just published:

Murrysville Farmer
I love autumns in Murrysville. The backdrop of colorful leaves always changes the landscape in exciting and unexpected ways. Each day that I can, I set off on exploratory expeditions through our parks and neighborhoods seeking to capture with my camera new sights and compositions I have never seen before. I am not disappointed and at dark I return home, my camera filled with treasures.

I usually use my best camera and lens, but I have learned to keep a small, handy camera in my shirt pocket for those sudden and unexpected photo opportunities. For this photo, I drove up to a stop sign with my window down and saw the tractor crossing the road. Almost by reflex, I pulled out my camera, took the picture, and then the farmer was gone. I smiled. It’s harvest season, after all, and I had just brought in my own fine crop.    - Bob Bickers

My thanks to the Murrysville Trail Alliance for publishing my photograph and allowing me to express myself in their fine publication.  Hope we can do it again sometime!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

76. Full-Time Artist

Evening Hours Available - digital photograph
Tomorrow, July 1, 2015, is the day that I transition into a full-time artist.  Most who know me are aware that I have been an attorney with a second occupation as an artist and photographer. Of course, my law practice took precedence and opportunities to practice my avocation were severely limited, particularly in the last few years.  All of that changes now as Diane (my wife and law partner at Bickers & Bickers) and I have closed our law office and expect to complete our caseload by the end of the year.  This will leave me free to focus all my attention on my art.   More on our transition can be found at my Law Blog (

All of this will take some adjusting, and Diane is eager to assist me in this, so with nervous excitement we are stepping forward into a new chapter in our life.  You should see some results in a steady stream of new art, especially so as I have a major one-man show coming up for the month of February, 2016.  You can follow my progress here or at my website at

Thursday, April 30, 2015

75. Two Paintings and Two Photographs Accepted into the West Penn Trail Juried Art Show

Fire on the Conemaugh - digital photograph
The West Penn Trail is owned and operated by the Conemaugh Valley Conservancy.  Their juried exhibition is set for June 2 - 12, 2015 at the Latrobe Art Center, located at the corner of Main and Ligonier Street in downtown Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  A reception will be held there on June 12, 2015 6-9pm.

UPDATE:  The West Penn Trail Art Show has been extended at the Latrobe Art Center to July 11, 2015

All the artwork on exhibition are donated works by the artists and will be for sale to raise funds for the maintenance of the West Penn Trail.  The show prospectus describes their mission as follows:

The West Penn Trail traces through time and nature's beauty. Named for the West Penn Railroad that once ran along the Conemaugh River valley, this 15-mile trail also follows the original the right-of-way of the Main Line Canal.  Traces of the old canal, railroad tunnels and beautiful cut-stone bridges all can be seen. This trail offers an outstanding natural experience, which attracts photographers and artists seeking to capture its scenic beauty.

Most of the maintenance of the West Penn Trail is provided by a small cadre of trail users who volunteer their time.

The West Peen Trail Art Show offers artists and photographers the opportunity to be part of the volunteer effort. The donation of their artwork will help fund much needed trail maintenance, and raise awareness of the trail's unique beauty.

I consider it an honor that I was accepted into this show.  I have traveled much of what is now the West Penn Trail for over 20 years and the bridges and natural scenery there have been a source of inspiration for me then, now, and will continue to be into the future.  I don't mind one bit giving back a little by donating these pieces of art. I hope they sell well and the show is a success.

Conemaugh Bridge No.4 on the West Penn Trail - oil/canvas
West Penn Trail Footbridge - digital photograph
Autumn Fire - oil/canvas

Sunday, March 15, 2015

74. Landscape for 2014 Murrysville Photo Contest Wins Honorable Mention

Bridge Over Still Waters
Winter Sojourn
My photograph, Bridge Over Still Waters (above), won Honorable Mention for Landscapes in the 2014 Murrysville Photo Contest.  This is the eastern foot bridge that crosses Turtle Creek in Duff Park in my home town of Murrysville, Pennsylvania.  It is a popular subject and I took another image of it a few months later (at right) which I may enter into the 2015 Murrysville Photo Contest.  The awards ceremony is April 15th.

Duff Park winter - 2011
The last time I entered a photo in this contest was in 2011 when I won Third Place for my winter scene of Turtle Creek (pictured left).  I will probably enter something each year now and hope my luck will hold out.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

73. Winter finally arrives in Murrysville.

It took a while, but winter has finally come to my neck of the woods.  Here's a few photos for now.
Turtle Creek in Murrysville, Pennsylvania.
Bridge over Turtle Creek in Duff Park, Murrysville, Pennsylvania.
Duff Park, Murrysville, Pennsylvania.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

72. 2014 Murrysville Photo Contest

Murrysville Farmer
Bridge Over Still Waters
The deadline has past for the 2014 Murrysville Photo Contest, but not before I was able to submit my three entries shown here. I should know something in a few months if one of these images should be a winner.  

Duff Park Winter - 2011
Previously, I came in third place for landscapes & scenery in 2011 (shown above), but I have been too occupied to submit anything until now.  Maybe my luck will hold out.

Rocks of Color

Thursday, January 1, 2015

71. A New Beginning in 2015

Liquid Sunshine
Crown of Gold

The start of a new year is an opportunity to begin anew with all manner of projects.  The artwork I produce this year will be exhibited and available for sale at my show scheduled for the month of February, 2016 at the Elaine Biondi Gallery Space, located at the Monroeville, PA public library.  I'll start this year off right with images I made this past autumn in Eastern Pennsylvania when the leaves were bright with color.  Enjoy. 

Blue Water