Tuesday, June 30, 2015

76. Full-Time Artist

Evening Hours Available - digital photograph
Tomorrow, July 1, 2015, is the day that I transition into a full-time artist.  Most who know me are aware that I have been an attorney with a second occupation as an artist and photographer. Of course, my law practice took precedence and opportunities to practice my avocation were severely limited, particularly in the last few years.  All of that changes now as Diane (my wife and law partner at Bickers & Bickers) and I have closed our law office and expect to complete our caseload by the end of the year.  This will leave me free to focus all my attention on my art.   More on our transition can be found at my Law Blog (http://bickerslaw.blogspot.com).

All of this will take some adjusting, and Diane is eager to assist me in this, so with nervous excitement we are stepping forward into a new chapter in our life.  You should see some results in a steady stream of new art, especially so as I have a major one-man show coming up for the month of February, 2016.  You can follow my progress here or at my website at http://bobbickers.net