Tuesday, October 6, 2015

77. Photo Included in Article in the Murrysville Trail News

Murrysville Farmer  |  Bob Bickers  |  2014
I was asked to write a short article about one of my photographs that was entered in the 2014 Murrysville Photo Contest for the October 2015 issue of the Murrysville Trail News.  This is the article that was just published:

Murrysville Farmer
I love autumns in Murrysville. The backdrop of colorful leaves always changes the landscape in exciting and unexpected ways. Each day that I can, I set off on exploratory expeditions through our parks and neighborhoods seeking to capture with my camera new sights and compositions I have never seen before. I am not disappointed and at dark I return home, my camera filled with treasures.

I usually use my best camera and lens, but I have learned to keep a small, handy camera in my shirt pocket for those sudden and unexpected photo opportunities. For this photo, I drove up to a stop sign with my window down and saw the tractor crossing the road. Almost by reflex, I pulled out my camera, took the picture, and then the farmer was gone. I smiled. It’s harvest season, after all, and I had just brought in my own fine crop.    - Bob Bickers

My thanks to the Murrysville Trail Alliance for publishing my photograph and allowing me to express myself in their fine publication.  Hope we can do it again sometime!